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Palestinian TV Broadcasts Anti-Semitic Sermon

A report by Palestinian Media Watch uncovered a Palestinian Authority TV broadcast during which a preacher at the Al-Omari Mosque called for Muslims to conquer Jerusalem by force if it is not handed over peacefully. ​


Louisiana Passes Anti-BDS Law: 5 Reasons Every US State Should Follow

Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards issued an executive order on Tuesday prohibiting state agencies from doing any business with companies that engage in boycotts of Israel.

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World Begins to Wake Up to Reality of Gaza Violence

Over 50 members of Hamas were among those killed in “March of Return” protests along Gaza’s border with Israel according to a senior official for the organization.

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Hamas Plans to Overrun Israel's Border

It has been nearly two months since the Hamas-led Great March of Return began. The demonstrations have now hit their peak. Violent protesters have continued to launch fire bombs at Israeli soldiers and plant explosives along the border fence.