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OPINION: Defeating BDS - The Cornell Experience

Cornell University students, both Jewish and non-Jewish, have successfully defeated an attempt to bring BDS to our campus community.

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Swastikas Drawn on Spanish Football Club Headquarters this Weekend

The headquarters of the Unionistas de Salamanca was desecrated with graffiti of a swastika and the phrase: “You are the team of Anne Frank” on the morning of Friday, April 19th.


Iranian and Jordanian Athletes Refuse to Face Israelis this Week

In the past week, an Iranian chess champion and Jordanian table tennis player both refused to take on Israeli opponents at championships held in Europe. The boycott of Israeli challengers in sports is an all-too-common practice amongst some athletes from Arab countries.

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Nazi marches then & now #NazisOut

Neo-Nazis will gather this weekend to celebrate Hitler's birthday.