Welcome to The Digital Ambassador Club!

This site serves as a central hub for those seeking to combat anti-Semitism and the delegitimization of Israel.

The World Jewish Congress realized that grassroots activists and volunteers, who support Israel, are in need of a unifying platform. By empowering these activists, we hope to provide them with the practical tools necessary to overcome the injustices that we all face.

This interactive platform provides constant updates on anti-Semitic actions and activities of the global delegitimization movement, publishes original and timely digital content, and keeps activists around the world updated about the latest efforts they can join – and how they can make a real difference.

This site is intended to reach a diverse audience around the world. We know that the voices of hate and intolerance can only be defeated by harnessing the collective efforts of all fair-minded groups and individuals.

The Digital Ambassador Club is developed and managed by the World Jewish Congress.

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