#SpeakOut and Stomp Out Anti-Semitism

Until 29 MAY 2019

#SpeakOut and Stomp Out Anti-Semitism

#SpeakOut: The WJC is calling on people who have borne witness to or experienced an anti-Semitic act to share their stories. Anti-Semitism isn't ju...

The World Jewish Congress is calling on everyone who has witnessed or been subjected to an anti-Semitic act to #SpeakOut and share their stories. Acts of hatred don’t just exist in the news, they happen to real people!

Jewish communities around the world have recently been affected by levels of anti-Semitism not seen since the years leading up to World War II. Despite efforts by governments, authorities, and independent organizations to address this issue, hatred against Jews has become entrenched in many Western and Muslim countries. But today, we won't suffer in silence!

    If you have witnessed or been the subject of an anti-Semitic act please email us at: dcohen@wjcmail.org or call us at: 212-755-5770 ext. 226 to discuss how you can join the #SpeakOut movement. Let’s stamp out anti-Semitism together! 

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