Call on the United Nations to Designate Hezbollah as a Terrorist Organization

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Call on the United Nations to Designate Hezbollah as a Terrorist Organization

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Dear Activists,

We invite you to join us in signing the petition calling on the United Nations to designate Hezbollah as a terrorist organization making it possible to impose legal, economic, and criminal penalties on the group. We hope that labeling Hezbollah as a ‘terrorist’ organization will be a powerful step in curbing the group’s violent global agenda.

For far too long, the terrorist organization Hezbollah has been allowed to operate with impunity across the globe, facing few legal consequences for their acts of terror, and even being granted legitimacy by some nations and international bodies.

Hezbollah poses a clear and present threat to Israel, Jewish communities around the world, and the stability of the Middle East, operating as a direct proxy for Iran’s terrorist goals throughout the region and abroad.

So far, Hezbollah has already been listed as a terror organization by: United States, Israel, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, the Netherlands, Japan, France, the European Union, Canada, Bahrain, Australia, the UAE, and the Arab League.

Join us and answer the call by adding your name to the petition that will be delivered to the United Nations.

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Here are a few reasons why Hezbollah should be labelled a terrorist group by the UN immediately:

  1. Today it has up to 150,000 missiles and rockets— many of which are more destructive and capable of precisely targeting any location in Israel.
  2. Hezbollah has embedded its military infrastructure within Civilian area in violation of Article 57 of the Geneva Conventions.
  3. Lebanon’s porous border with Syria has allowed Hezbollah to import and export weapons between Syria, Iran, and Lebanon.

Sign the petition today and urge the United Nations to take designate Hezbollah as a terrorist organization. Together, we can work towards safeguarding Jewish communities and Israel from global terror.

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