Call to Action – Help Us Delete Anti-Semitic Content and Holocaust Denial Posts from Social Media Platforms

In January 2018, the WJC conducted comprehensive research about online anti-Semitism in January 2018 compared to January 2016. Our research found that the use of anti-Semitic symbols and posts denying the Holocaust increased dramatically in January 2018 compared to that same period in 2016.

Some anti-Semitic content has already been deleted by Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Yet, there are still many more posts out there!

Today, we are calling on you to report any anti-Semitic posts to these companies to make sure they will be deleted. With your help we can make it happen. So please click on posts and report them to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Report these posts on Facebook:

Report these posts on Twitter:

Report these posts on Instagram:

A Quick Guide for Reporting Anti-Semitic Posts on Social Media
On Facebook, at the bottom of the image click on the option button then report the post, select “I think it shouldn’t be on Facebook” and then “This is inappropriate, annoying or not funny.” And then submit it.

On Twitter, find right corner of a tweet and click the down-facing arrow. When the list appears, scroll down and click on the “Report Tweet” button. Then when a new screen comes up choose the “It's abusive or harmful” option and click next to send the report.

Instagram, on the bottom of the post click on the “three dots” button. Then click the “Report inappropriate” tab followed by the “This photo shouldn’t be on Instagram” tab and then finally the “Hate Speech or symbol.”