Hamas' March - Set the Record Straight

Israel is currently confronting a media battle after the deaths of Hamas terrorists on its border with Gaza during the Great March of Return.

Only yesterday, protesters attacked Israel’s border fence with burning tires, Molotov cocktails, slingshots, and other incendiary devices. Hamas terrorists also fired at the Israeli Defense Forces who were protecting the border from two separate locations. The IDF also found an explosive device at the border fence that was set to explode and allow a mass infiltration into Israel.

While some in the international community, without proper information, have been critical of Israel’s response, Israel acted swiftly and decisively to defend its citizens as any sovereign nation would. 50 of those killed were known and active members of Hamas’ military wing. 

While Hamas’ March of Return has been billed as a peaceful protest by some, the protests have become nothing short of violent attacks. 

Now is the time the time to stand with Israel as they face Hamas terror on their border. You can help Israel by sharing the following images and videos: 

Hamas Incitement Turns Great March of Return, Billed as Peaceful Protest, Violent

Hamas is Paying Gazans to Participate in Violent Demonstrations