#NazisOut: Say "No" To Neo-Nazis Celebrating Hitler's Birthday this Weekend

Sign Until 19 APRIL 2019

#NazisOut: Say "No" To Neo-Nazis Celebrating Hitler's Birthday this Weekend

Take a stand against neo-Nazis inciting hatred on the streets of Europe.

On April 20th, neo-Nazis across Europe will celebrate Adolf Hitler's birthday with different conferences, gatherings, and marches. 

In recent years, Europe has seen a disturbing increase in neo-Nazi activity. Neo-Nazi marches in Europe's streets today look eerily similar to Nazi marches during the Holocaust. It was only 75 years ago when over 6 million Jews were murdered by the Nazis and there is no place for them today's society.

It is currently expected that neo-Nazi groups from all over Europe will gather this weekend to incite violence against minorities. In Sofia, Bulgaria a conference is scheduled to take place under the guise of an extremist Bulgarian political movement. Yet, the reality is that it will be a meeting place for neo-Nazis and other perpetrators of far-right hatred from across Europe. This racism cannot be tolerated in our streets. That is why we are calling on the world to share one simple message: Nazis Out. 

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