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Until 13 NOVEMBER 2018

Sign the Petition to Ban Neo-Nazis in Sweden

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The Nordic Resistance Movement (NRM) is Sweden’s most violent neo-Nazi organziation. The NRM have an extensive track record of public incitement carried out with the sole purpose of spreading a brand of far-right nationalism that seeks to eliminate minority ethnic and religious groups from Sweden’s diverse social fabric.

The NRM is also a registered political party, giving it a legitimacy that cannot and should not be tolerated. Today, we call upon the government of Sweden to utilize all available legal measures to outlaw the Nordic Resistance Movement (NRM) and similar neo-Nazi organizations in Sweden which employ militaristic means to persecute or incite others.

Join our call by adding your name to the petition that will be delivered to the Swedish government.

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Over the past few years, NRM has repeatedly incited hatred against minority groups:

  • In 2015, three NRM members attacked innocent refugees with bombs and incendiary devices, critically wounding one.
  • In 2017, the NRM organized a militant march on Yom Kippur, the holiest day of the Jewish calendar, routed past the main synagogue in Gothenburg, to terrify Jews and others.
  • NRM sympathizers repeatedly terrorized the small Jewish community in Umea, ultimately forcing the closure of its center in 2017.

NRM’s ongoing racist activities are an insult to the strong democratic values enshrined within Sweden’s constitution.

Sign the petition today and urge Sweden to take a legal stand against the NRM. Together we can put an end to the NRM and likeminded neo-Nazi groups in Sweden.

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