Calls for 'Death to Israel' at Annual Al Quds Day Marches

Thousands of demonstrators rallied through London and Berlin this weekend in the annual Al Quds Day marches. 

Al Quds Day was initiated by the Islamic Republic of Iran in 1979, as a day of support for the Palestinians and a call for the destruction of Israel. These marches threaten the safety of Jewish communities worldwide. Terror organizations must not be allowed to march freely through the capitals of European nations.

Chants of “Zionists are the perpetrators” and “Zionists anywhere, you will lose everywhere” could be heard throughout the streets of the two European capitals on Saturday and Sunday with speakers declaring Israel should be “wiped from the map” and that the “Zionists days are numbered.”

The anti-Zionist and ultra-Orthodox Neturei Karta, was applauded by participants for its role in the event, in which Israeli flags were stomped on, ripped, and burned.

While the United States, Israel, Canada, Netherlands, and even the Arab League consider Hezbollah as a whole to be a terrorist organization, Germany and the UK are among the European nations which still differentiate between its political and military wings. While the military wing is outlawed, the political wing is still considered “legitimate. Protesters can thus march through the street with Hezbollah flags, emblazoned with a fist holding a machine gun, serving only to further incite violence.

Small counter-protests were organized by pro-Israel groups in Berlin and London. In London, Israel supporters played the Israeli National Anthem and “Toy,” the Israeli winning-entry to this year’s Eurovision, loudly on speakers.