Founder of Neo-Nazi Site The Daily Stormer Fined $14 Million

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Photo Credit: Screenshot / The home page of the Daily Stormer

Today, a U.S. District Court judge ordered Andrew Anglin, founder of the Daily Stormer, to pay $14 million to Tanya Hersh for the harassment of her and her family.

In 2016, Andrew Anglin set a troll-army upon a Jewish woman in Whitefish, Montana. Resident Tanya Hersh was harassed by thousands of neo-Nazis at Anglin’s request. This harassment followed Hersh's confrontation with the mother of the avowed white-supremacist and Alt-Right leader Richard Spencer, herself a resident of Whitefish, Montana. Hersh had asked whether his mother would denounce her son’s comments supporting Nazism and the Alt-Right.

As retaliation for the contact with Spencer’s mother, Anglin unleashed an army of white supremacist and neo-Nazi trolls on Hersh and her family, including her 12-year-old-son, who they told to crawl into an oven. They received countless threats, and Anglin even planned a march of armed neo-Nazis through Whitefish that would end in front of her house, though it never happened.

Even though she won, she will likely never see her money as Anglin has gone into hiding. Anglin never appeared in court, despite being ordered by the judge to appear. He is currently thought to be on the run in Nigeria, though no one knows his exact whereabouts.

Anglin’s site, The Daily Stormer, is one of the most popular neo-Nazi websites but has been kicked off multiple domain providers for violating their terms of service. This victory in the courtroom should tell us one thing though: the federal government should take a strong stance against these hateful comments online, especially since too often they spill over into the real world.