Antisemitic Content Posted by Lukov March Supporters Exposed on Facebook

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Photo Credit: Public Domain Photos

Next weekend on Saturday, February 16th the Lukov March will take place on the streets of Bulgaria. 

The Lukov March is a torch-lit demonstration that brings neo-Nazis from across Europe to the capital Sofia each February to honor General Hristo Lukov, a Nazi collaborator whose movement sent over 11,300 Jews to their deaths at the Nazi death camp of Treblinka.

The organizers of the Lukov March claim not to be antisemitic, but Facebook users are publicly sharing antisemitic and neo-Nazi content on Facebook. The World Jewish Congress has confirmed this information and that Facebook users who were marked either as ‘going’, ‘interested’ or ‘invited’ on the official Facebook event promoting the Lukov March, are currently posting antisemitic content online.

The screenshots below expose the real nature of Lukov March promoters and participants:

Only last Saturday, several hundred neo-Nazis from across Europe joined their peers in Budapest to form a 3,000-person strong march in celebration of the Nazi-collaborating Hungarian Arrow Cross Party.  Under their short rule in the 1940s, between 10,000-15,000 Jews and minorities were murdered outright and another 80,000 were deported to concentration camps. These marchers spared no words of hatred or harassment of Jews, in a violent spirit of incitement, and yet they were permitted to exhibit their vile ambitions in the middle of a public street.