79-Year-Old Jewish Woman Attacked While Leaving Paris Synagogue

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Photo Credit: Flickr - Jeanne Menjoulet - An elderly Jewish woman was attacked while she was leaving a Synagogue in Paris.

A 79-year-old Jewish woman was struck in the head with a large metal ball as she was leaving her synagogue in the 11th district of Paris.

The woman did not faint but was sent to the hospital with cranial damage and a large loss of blood. The perpetrator of this act is unknown and has yet to be detained, as witnesses did not see exactly who it was that committed the crime.  

The World Jewish Congress views this incident in Paris as part of a disturbing trend, not just in France but around the world. We wish the victim a speedy recovery and call on the French authorities to do all in their power to bring the perpetrator to justice. 

This is not the first antisemitic attack at this synagogue. The day before the attack, a bucket of water was hurled at synagogue members leaving services. Antisemitism is at record levels, with antisemitic attacks taking place daily in countries around Europe. France reported a 74% rise in offences against Jews and Germany recorded a 60% surge in violent attacks according to the Guardian.

The attack this week on the 79-year-old woman is part of a larger story of vandalism, verbal and physical attacks on Jews in Europe. With antisemitism reaching an all-time high, these acts are unacceptable.

We must treat these attacks with complete seriousness and make clear that it is intolerable. We hope that all efforts are geared towards finding the attacker of this crime and the proper measures are taken once found.