“Our parents burned Jews, because the Jews burn best”: Outrageous anti-Semitic chant by Club Brugge supporters

In a video recently released by supporters of the Belgian football  Club Brugge fans are seen chanting antisemitic songs at the club’s stadium in Bruges. The incident happened last August when Club Brugge played Anderlecht for a Belgian First Division game. At the end of the match, FC Bruges made horrible antisemitic chants in Dutch.

"Mijn vader zat bij de commando's, Mijn moeder bij de SS, En samen verbanden ze Joden, want joden die branden de best.” Transation in English: "My father was part of a commando (unit), my mother was SS, and together they burned Jews, because the Jews burn the best."

In the video, you can see about 50-70 supporters singing the chant together. It is obvious that they knew all the lyrics and it wasn’t the first time that this specific chant was song by these supporters. The difference is this time they were caught on camera.

Addressing the issue, World Jewish Congress CEO Robert Singer said: “The World Jewish Congress has committed itself to rooting out all forms of antisemitism wherever and whenever it rears its ugly head. The chants heard during this week’s match between FC Bruges and Anderlecht should be condemned uncategorical by the club’s leadership and players, and federations.”

The words used by these fans draw allusions to Nazism and are tantamount to calling for death to Jews. It is unconscionable that such words can be uttered in 2018 – nearly three-quarters-of-a-century after the end of the Holocaust – in Western Europe, or anywhere for that matter. The football pitch should be a place for comradery and friendly competition, not hatred and antisemitic or racist chants.