Hitler Wine Bottles Remain on Sale in Italy Despite Backlash

Despite backlash from anti-fascist groups, wine bottles sporting Adolf Hitler’s face on sale will continue to be sold at wine shops in the Italian city of Remini.

Mayor Andrea Grassi, who runs the city in Italy’s Emilia-Romagna region said his hands were legally tied when it comes to regulating the products.

The World Jewish Congress obtained an exclusive video of a wine store owner attempting to attack a passerby who was exposing the bottles with Nazi labels.

The wine is produced by Italian winemaker Vina Lunardelli and is part of their “Historical Series.” The collection has wines named after dictators ranging from Napoleon to Hitler. The Hitler series, titled “Der Fuhrer,” includes both pictures of the dictator and Nazi slogans on bottles as well as pictures of other notorious SS members such as Rudolf Hess, Heinrich Himmler, Edward Rommell, and Sepp Dietrich.

The company has repeatedly claimed that the wines were meant as “joke gifts.”

Mayor Gnassi acknowledged that he has previously received complaints over the bottles. However, he claimed that his mayoral jurisdiction lacks the authority to address such concerns: Without national legislation against fascist products, towns and municipalities that take direct legal action against such products have been shot down by courts, which in the past have ruled in the traders’ favor.

“We receive reports like this at least five to six times a year,” Gnassi told The Times of Israel. “As long as a new law is not approved, all attempts at [action by the municipality] can achieve nothing.”

Lunardelli’s “Historical Series” products have been marred in controversy since they debuted creation in 1995 and in 2013, the Simon Wiesenthal Center called for a boycott against the Italian Winemaker

Disconcertingly though, the Vina Lunardelli’s website says that about half of their wine production is devoted to creating the “Historical Series, calling them “cult objects among collectors.”