Holocaust Remembrance Day Event In Arkansas Interrupted By White Supremacists

White supremacists and neo-Nazis in Russellville, Arkansas interrupted a Holocaust remembrance event (Yom Hashoah) shouting racial slurs with Nazi flags and antisemitic posters.

The white supremacists shouted "six million more" and taunted attendees of Sunday's March of Remembrance in Russellville, which was organized to honor Holocaust survivors and those who were perished in the Shoah.

The neo-Nazi Shield Wall Network, protested the event because of the controversy surrounding a scholarship at Arkansas Tech University. Recently, the college announced a scholarship named after the late professor Dr. Michael Link, who has been accused by Jewish groups including the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) and others as being a Holocaust denier.

The rally from the Shield Wall Network claimed a professor Dr. Sarah Stein - who is Jewish - was attempting to intimidate and blackmail Arkansas Tech University into removing Dr. Michael Link's name from the scholarship.

Last month, the ADL penned an official letter signed by more than 40 scholars in the Jewish field urging Arkansas Tech University to no longer name the scholarship for Link. Incredibly, the university claimed it found no evidence to support Link was antisemitic. 

Photo Credit: 5NewsOnline / Neo-Nazis protested in Russellville, Arkansas