Monuments in French Town Square Desecrated with Antisemitic Grafitti

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Photo Credit: Romain Bonnet / Monuments in the center of Poitiers were vandalized with swastikas.

Antisemitic and hateful writings were found on the Statue of Liberty and the Crocodile Statue in Poiters, France. This act of vandalism is a part of a larger trend of antisemitic vandalism throughout Europe.

Last week in Poiters, France, multiple statues were vandalized with Antisemitic and phrases along with Nazi symbols. A swastika was spray painted on the Statue of Liberty in the town square, along with the phrases: "Long live France", "Invader" and "Franc Mac.” "ACAB" , meaning "All Cops Are Bastards" was also painted on the dome of Espace Mendes France, located in Poiters’ center.

Photo Credit: Sacha Houlie / The statue of liberty in the center of Poitiers was vandalized this week.

Some officials have spoken out against the vandalism. President of the Republican Party in Vienne, Romain Bonnet, denounces "shameful and ignoble acts" and calls for more severity in the law.  La République En Marche deputy of Vienne, Sacha Houlié "strongly condemns these serious acts." The city’s cleaning services are set to erase the vandalisms as of Friday.

Along with the incident last month in Romania where 73 Jewish tombstones were vandalized and broken, this act of vandalism in France is not an isolated one. With the Nazi symbol often used in these occurrences, it becomes a threat to Jewish communities in these countries because it represents a blatant Antisemitic attitude and promotes Nazi sentiment.