Neo-Nazi Group Interrupts Detroit Pride Celebrations This Weekend

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Photo Credit: Youtube / Nationalist Socialist Movement members attended the Motor City Pride parade to incite hatred against minorities.

This past weekend, people throughout the Midwest came together in Detroit, Michigan for Motor City Pride. What was meant to be a parade celebrating diversity and inclusion of all people turned into a platform of hate for neo-Nazi groups.

According to Detroit police chief James Craig, a small group from the National Socialist Movement attended Motor City Pride to protest the events and had the intent to incite “a Charlottesville number two.” This group is classified by the Southern Poverty Law Center as one of the largest neo-Nazi organizations in the United States.

Many pictures were released of NSM ripping a rainbow flag as well as stepping on an Israeli flag and even a man posed as if he were urinating on the flag.

Craig noted that the neo-Nazis made chimpanzee noises toward African Americans in their attempts to instigate conflict.  Images were also released of the group tearing apart a rainbow flag and attempted desecration of the Israeli flag.

The NSM marched on the sidelines of the parade openly armed and took part in racist, antisemitic, and homophobic actions such as shouting slurs and mocking pride symbols. The NSM also openly praised Hitler and shouted other hateful taunts towards gay people, Jews, and people of color.

Thankfully, the NSM members were escorted away by police and there was no violence.

In this light, we must call on local governments to ban neo-Nazi groups for the safety of all people. It is time for this public hatred to end and for minorities of all kinds to stand together and not be fearful of expressing who they are in public.