Columbia University Professor Compares Israel to ISIS

Dabashi  1
Photo Credit: Facebook / Columbia Professor Hamid Dabashi regularly pushes antizionist rhetoric in his classes and on his social media pages

On March 30th, Hamid Dabashi, an Iranian studies professor at Columbia University, published a post on his Facebook page comparing Israel to ISIS. 

The post was made following the United State's recognition of Israel's sovereignty over the Golan Heights. In the past, Dabashi has repeatedly pushed antisemitic conspiracy theories stating that “rich and powerful" Zionists control American politics.

On April 4th, the Jewish Journal showed that Dabashi began his Facebook post by asking what the difference between the two was, and then answered his own question by stating that “no decent human being on planet earth recognized their [ISIS’] armed robbery or their ‘caliphate.’” Dabashi then wrote that Israel “conquered parts of Syria and declared it part of their Zionist settler colony,” an apparent reference to Israel’s control of the Golan Heights.

Columbia’s Students Supporting Israel (SSI) chapter shared a screenshot of Dabashi’s post on their Facebook page.

“A professor at our university argues that Israel and ISIS are the same,” the SSI chapter wrote. “This is completely unacceptable. Please email the department and the president’s office, asking them to condemn this dangerous statement.”

On May 20, 2018, Dabashi in a separate Facebook post claimed that “Every dirty treacherous ugly and pernicious act happening in the world just wait for a few days and the ugly name of ‘Israel’ will pop up as a key actor in the atrocities..."

Many more antisemitic and hateful posts against Israel can be found on Prof. Dabashi's social media pages. A university professor has the responsibility to share real information and should never incite hatred any group of people or state.

We are calling on Colombia University to make sure Prof. Dabashi stops his hateful incitement both on social media and during his classes.