January 2019 - Recap of Antisemitic Incidents

Over the course of January, Jewish communities around the globe saw an alarming amount of antisemitism. These were just a few of the many instances of hatred towards Jews in the path month.

While each incident was different, they all carried a message of hatred towards Jews. The following list is just a brief overview showing that antisemitism saw no bounds or borders in the prior month.                                                                                                             
Antisemitic graffiti was found in Schiltigheim, France, outside the office of a parliament member. Graffiti was also found spray-painted on a temple in southern California, on a bridge in England, on the streets of Washington DC, and in Australia where neo-Nazis scrawled swastikas on a Jewish nursing home for Holocaust survivors.

More vandalism was seen in Bulgaria, when a man hurled stones through the windows the Sofia Central Synagogue and when a Jewish monument was desecrated in Thessaloniki, Greece for the second time in 6 months. 

Jews saw a slue of Antisemitism online too.  In Bulgaria, a new report by the WJC exposed the antisemitic face of Lukov March supporters. English TV Host Rachel Riley was targeted with antisemitic abuse after criticizing the UK’s Labour Party. Similarly,  a new report found there are 170,000 antisemitic Google searches in the UK each year.

Finally, antisemitic hatred manifested itself physically when a 51-year-old Jewish man was attacked in Brooklyn and a neo-Nazi spit in a woman’s face in Italy after seeing Yiddish on her bag.

These hateful acts MUST STOP