Israel's President Rivlin Thanks Justin Trudeau for Standing up to BDS and Antisemitism

Israel's president Reuven Rivlin met Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in Ottawa on Monday on an official state visit to Canada.

Rivlin thanked Trudeau for taking a strong position against antisemitism and the BDS movement in Canada. Rivlin also commended Canada for supporting Israel internationally along with freezing relations with Iran.

This January, Trudeau took the BDS movement to task calling the group "antisemitic" and counter to "Canadian values," claiming that BDS intimidates Jewish students on university campuses across Canada.  At the town hall meeting, Trudeau refused to walk back prior comments where he spoke out against the BDS movement.

During his speech, Trudeau acknowledged that many Jewish students still feel unwelcome and unsafe on university campuses because of BDS-related intimidation. 

Trudeau characterized the singling out of the state of Israel as a type of antisemitism and described the current attitudes towards Israel as a manifestation of "three Ds': demonization of Israel, a double standard around Israel, and a deligitimization of the State of Israel."