Rugby Field in North Carolina Desecrated with Swastikas and Profane Graffiti

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Photo Credit: Cape Fear Rugby Club / The Rugby Club's practice field outside of Wilmington, North Carolina was vandalized with swastikas

This week, the Cape Fear Rugby Club’s practice field was vandalized with swastikas and hateful phrases. The graffiti was found on Monday and the club believes the incident took place over the weekend.

Along with the swastikas and stars of David were the words “you like” and several crudely drawn pictures of male genitalia. Taking credit for the incident was the name tag “Lil Redd.”

The vandalized pitch is located only a few blocks away from the B’nai Israel synagogue – a home to many in Wilmington, North Carolina’s Jewish community.

The Cape Fear Rugby Club posted a statement on its social media pages appealing for help to find the persons responsible this heinous act.

Although we hope to catch whoever did this to our pitch, we’re realistic, and know that it’s not going to be easy. Please consider sharing this in hopes of maybe catching the eye of someone that knows something about what happened.”

The Wilmington Police Department said it was investigating the incident to and had spoken with club officers to get a formal complaint.