BDS Can’t Stop Jamiroquai from Performing in Israel

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Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons / Jamiroquai Will Perform in Tel Aviv Despite Calls from BDS to Boycott Israel

Calls have been growing from the BDS movement for British funk group Jamiroquai to cancel its upcoming show in Tel Aviv. Nevertheless, the group’s lead singer, Jay Kay, reassured fans with a video message that Jamiroquai would still be coming to Tel Aviv for its first ever show in Israel.

Artists for Palestine UK wrote a letter to Jamiroqui on Monday asking the group to cancel their upcoming show in Israel.

The letter reads, “The Palestinian people ask that artists refrain from entertaining apartheid Israel. Palestinians pay with life and limb for their protests and they ask for your support. Will you stand with them? Will you cancel your concert in Israel?”

Letter to Jamiroquai from Artists for Palestine UK

Jamiroquai responded to the call from BDS supporters with a swift no. In a video posted in response, Jay Kay reassured fans that the British group will still play in Israel and is excited to perform for the Jewish nation.

“I am coming to Tel Aviv, in Israel, where we’ve never played and I’m thoroughly looking forward to it.”

The eleven-member group will perform in concert on May 2nd at the Rishon Lezion Live Park, roughly 18km outside of Tel Aviv.

Jamiroquai was formed in 1992 and achieved great success in the 90’s with chart-topping hits like “Virtual Insanity”, “Canned Heat”, and “Deeper Underground.” They released their newest album Automation in 2017.