The Irony of a Dutch Activist Pushing BDS on an Israeli Scooter

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Photo Credit: JTA / Dutch activist Robert Willem van Norren was pictured promoting BDS on an Israeli-made mobility scooter

Occasionally there is a photo which is more than just a photo but an emblem for a movement. The photo of a well-known Dutch BDS-supporter, sitting atop an Israeli scooter with a “Free Palestine, Boycott Israel” sign giving the camera the finger is just that.

That man  - Robert Willem van Norren – is a regular fixture at Amsterdam’s Dam Square (the city’s main plaza) where he comes no less than three times a week faring the typically awful Dutch weather, to wave Palestinian and anti-Israel flags. The only issue is that now van Norren has been arriving to spout his BDS agenda on a Breeze S3.

The Kalnoit Breeze S3 is a scooter designed and manufactured in Kibbutz Afikim in the Jordan River valley a few kilometers from the Sea of Galilee. So, the hypocrisy should not be lost on anyone let alone van Norren who has become one of the leading anti-Israel activists in the Netherlands. He can regularly be seen displaying a poster of an Israeli flag with a cockroach or a swastika over the Star of David symbol.

Since this story broke in various news outlets, the importer of Kalnoit Scooters in the Netherlands confirmed that van Norren is in fact riding a scooter made in Israel. Pro-Israel activists including Michael Jacobs – who regularly faces down van Norren on the Dam, originally made the discovery.

In a similarly related incident, another anti-Israel activist took a break from his BDS activities to eat at the Maoz falafel shop – a chain owned by the Israel-born Dutch businessman Dov Melo.