The Link Between BDS and Terrorism

It has long been posited by Israel and security firms that the BDS movement is secretly run by extremists who exploit a Palestinian Human Rights agenda to covertly champion terrorism against Israel.

Last week, Israel’s Ministry of Strategic Affairs (MSA) released a report titled “Terrorists in Suits” which provided strong evidence that the BDS movement is orchestrated by known Palestinian terrorists who hold key positions in western-based NGOs. Currently, more than one hundred clear links to terrorism or terror networks have been found between thirteen of the leading nonprofit organizations that support the BDS movement.

The eighty page report highlights numerous ties between prominent anti-Israel NGOs and more than thirty people who are either currently or were formerly cited as terrorists with connections to organizations such as Hamas, the Palestinian Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP), and Hezbollah by the Israeli government. 

While these terrorist groups are widely banned in the United States, Canada, and most of the EU, they are still able to operate due to their links to various NGOS across the world.  Even more problematic, is that many of the BDS organizations and the terrorists who work for them are directly funded by European countries, online crowdfunding, international banks, and various philanthropic organizations.

Take Leila Khaled for instance. Khaled is a female PFLP terrorist who took part in the hijacking of a TWA airliner in 1969 and was also involved in a 1970 attempt to hijack an El Al plane. Khaled currently works to promote and raise money for BDS organizations in South Africa. Israel’s Ministry of Strategic Affairs claims Khaled is still “coordinating between a PFLP command center in Syria and operatives in Jerusalem planning lethal attacks against Israelis.”

Another glaring example is the case of Palestinian NGO Addameer. Addameer is an organization “working to support Palestinian political prisoners held in Israel and Palestinian prisons.” The NGO was founded by members of the PLFP and currently receives funding from Ireland, Norway, Christian Aid, UNDP, and the IHL Secretariat, (which, itself, receives from Denmark, Netherlands, Sweden, and Switzerland) even though many of its founding members have been convicted of terrorism. For instance, prominent Addameer board member Yaccoub Oudeh was sentenced to three life sentences in Israel for a 1969 bombing in Jerusalem.

At the center of the issue is the Palestinian BDS National Committee (BNC), a Ramallah-based NGO which is seen by many as the leading voiceand umbrella organization for the global BDS Movement. The BNC openly counts dozens of BDS focused NGOs and members of Hamas, PFLP, and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad as its members. The substantive links between the BNC and terrorism were so numerous that the online American crowdfunding platform DonorBox suspended the BNC’s account after finding significant links to terrorist activities.

Before the report by Ministry of Strategic affairs was released, one might have been able to forgive the uninformed for thinking that the BDS movement was comprised of students with Che Guevara backpacks, wearing keffiyehs, simply holding up signs on college campuses to boycott Israel. Yet now, it should be clear. The BDS movement is inextricably linked to terrorist activities in the Palestinian Territories and abroad.

Similarly, the BNC and the dozens of current members who have long sought funds for peaceful and “civil resistance” (read: non-violent) have hoodwinked many in the international community into donating millions of dollars later used to violently attack innocent Israeli citizens and Jews worldwide. 

You can view the 13 BDS members who have a proven history of terrorism below: