South African Champion Debater Schools BDS Supporter

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Photo Credit: DailyNexus / Jamie Mithi discussed why the BDS movement is flawed

Jamie Mithi, a champion debater, writer, commentator, and ardent opponent of the BDS Movement, faced off with BDS supporter Muhammed Desai on South African television.

During the segment, Mithi contended that engagement is a preferable strategy to disengagement, and that one of the biggest challenges in confronting the arguments of the BDS Movement is their lack of desire to engage in a substantive manner with Israelis. This, he claims is the biggest barrier to peace.  

According to Mithi, the continuous demonization and antagonistic actions make dialogue unattainable.

While Desai levies relentless ad hominem attacks, Mithi remains calm and collected as he presents his arguments.

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