Iranian Protestors Chant “Help Us, Not Gaza”

Ayatollah ali khamenei casting his vote for 2017 election 3
Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons / Iran's Ayatollah regularly incites hatred against Israel

Thousands of protesters took to the streets of Tehran on Monday to express outrage against Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei for neglecting his responsibility to stimulate Iran’s economy. 

The protests were prompted by the extreme devaluation of the Iranian rial and increased cost of imports, calling out the regime for investing time and resources in other spheres of the Middle East at the expense of its local population. Protestors could be heard chanting “Help us, not Gaza," and "Leave Syria alone and deal with Iran.”

Stores in the city's Great Bazaar shut down operations for the duration of the demonstration. One merchant in the Bazaar who chose not to be identified told Jerusalem Post “We are all angry with the economic situation. We cannot continue our businesses like this.”

Tehran’s Deputy Governor Abdolazim Rezaie gave little weight to the protests on State TV. Before being violently dispersed by security forces, protesters, activists, and popular resistance groups including Iran Freedom, tweeted and chanted “Disciplinary force, support us, support us.”

With the US withdrawal from the Iran Nuclear Program and sanctions to be reimposed in August, another wave of protests is expected as Iranians frenzy to exchange devalued rials for foreign currencies.