Amnesty Launches Campaign Targeting Digital Tourism in Israeli Settlements

A new Amnesty International has urged online travel sites to ban listings from Israeli settlements in the West Bank.

Last week the London-based human rights group released a report, titled “Destination: Occupation”. The report said rental sites Airbnb,, Expedia and TripAdvisor are driving tourism to Israeli settlements. Amnesty called on these sites to stop listing in Israeli settlements and for foreign governments to prevent these digital tourism sites from working in these communities.

Unfortunately, Amnesty International has overlooked the real human rights abuses ongoing in the Palestinian Territories which is the incitement to terror by the Palestinian Authority. The PA still operates the "Palestinian Authority Martyrs Fund" which pays terrorists and their families a monthly stipend for attacking Israelis.

Amnesty should focus on stopping those who profit from terror in the West bank, not attack corporate businesses who strive to bridge divides and build peace through global tourism and interaction.