Fires Worsen Near Israel-Gaza Border as Flaming Kites are Launched at Israel

This Tuesday, smoke permeated the air in southern Israel, as fire kites were sent across the Israel-Gaza border. Seven fires blazed several forests in Southern Israel, destroying land and forcing families to evacuate their homes. 

Over the past couple of days, wheat fields belonging to Israeli citizens in Kibbutz Gavim and Kvar Aza, along with other fields, were destroyed and set ablaze when fire bombs were sent across the border by Hamas and the Islamic Jihad. In total over 80 incendiary devices were sent over the border, causing 29 fires and burning several fields and forests in southern Israel.

This is not the first instance of incendiary kites being sent across the border. Today’s incidents come after five fires were started yesterday due to fire kites. With over 1,000 rockets and fire kites being launched over the border during the past months, the most recent uptick in cross-border violence proves the situation is not improving.

This Eshkol area close to the border with Gaza was hit particularly hard with terror kites this week.
Hundreds of acres have been burned in the latest round of arson attacks from Gaza.
Dozens of fields have been in southern Israel this week from fire kites.

What's worse is that the hot and dry air in Israel has caused these fires to spread and prove difficult to extinguish. This strategic terrorism has turned kites and balloons into devices used to destroy agriculture, wildlife, and the general sense of well-being of residents in southern Israel. 

80 fires have already been caused by this form of terrorism since the beginning of the summer, and it doesn’t look like it is slowing down any time soon. Tens of thousands of acres of land have been destroyed, it most certainly time for measures to be implemented in order to protect all forms of life in Israel.