Growth of Strawberry Industry Brings Revenue to Gaza

Strawberries for sale at mahabaleshwar
Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons / Strawberry production in the coastal enclave has brought positive news to Gaza

While most of the news that the international community sees regarding the Gaza strip is usually upsetting, finally the growth of the strawberry industry has brought some positive news has brought some positive news to the coastal enclave.

The success of Gaza’s recent strawberry cultivation, export, and sale in the Gaza strip is some new positive news and is reflecting the growth of important agricultural sectors of the Gazan economy.

The money made from the cultivation of strawberries is important for many everyday Gazan families, especially as a supplement to receiving aid. So far in 2019, revenues from the Gaza’s strawberry industry have risen 290 percent over the last year. This is very positive news and shows how some industries in Gaza are able to thrive despite of Hamas’ brutal rule.

The Israeli Defense Ministry’s Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories (COGAT), which works on behalf of the Gaza strip in facilitating their strawberry exports, reported “The export and sale of strawberries from the Gaza Strip has yielded revenues of about 13m NIS so far this harvest season.”

In a society like the one in the Gaza Strip, which relies heavily on such means of agriculture and cultivation for subsequent profit, such news is beneficial to both Palestinians and Israelis. When profit is attainable and there is a source of fruition in any positive and non-violent Gazan industry, it is beneficial to the citizens in the Gaza Strip and the citizens of Israel who are able to support each other’s economies and are able to see financial growth through the means of the food industry.