Hamas' March of Return: The Facts

A year ago, protesters started gathering on Gaza's border for the Hamas-led March of Return. 

During the event, Hamas paid Palestinians to join the demonstrations. Some Gazans came to protest peacefully others came to wreak havoc but the results were devastating: women were used as human shields, children were encouraged to attack the fence with weapons, fields were burned, and lives were lost. If one thing is certain, nothing was gained other than proof to the world that Hamas is a tyrannical organization which exploits its own population. 

Instead of taking care of its citizens, Hamas used the March of Return to manipulate the media and international opinion. They don't hold free elections. This month, Hamas violently put down protests of its own citizens but is now calling for more "peaceful" demonstrations along the border with Israel. 

In total since the beginning of Hamas' March of Return there have been: over 2,000 violent incidents, 94 explosives devices and over 600 Molotov cocktails thrown across the border, and 152 acts of arson committed against Israeli forces. Thousands of burning kites have been sent into southern Israel causing 1,963 fires and burning more than 9000 acres of land. Hundreds of animals killed and thousands of trees burned inflicting over $9.5 million in damage. In one year 1,323 rockets were fired towards Israel.

No other country would accept this. Israel won't either. Hamas' "peaceful" March of Return is a farce.