IfNotNow and Palestinian Media Wrongfully Accuse Israeli Police of Detaining 4-year-old Boy

Photo Credit: Youtube / Muhammad Rabi’ Elayyan being walked with his father to the police station

This past Tuesday, the Palestinian WAFA news agency reported that the Israel Police detained a 4-year-old Palestinian boy, later proven not to be true.

Both WAFA and IfNotNow have stated that Muhammad Rabi’ Elayyan was summoned for questioning on Monday after suspicion of throwing stones at a police vehicle. However, Israeli law states that no minor under twelve-years-old can be taken in for questioning. A tweet from the Israeli police said, “Contrary to the claim, because the minor was under the age of criminal culpability.” The authorities further explained that those “who arrived at the scene served a summons to the father only to come for a discussion at the police station in order to warn him about and clarify with him the actions of his son.”

“Unfortunately, this is part of a grave and dangerous phenomenon in the area, whereby small children are used to throw stones at security forces, part of which is carried out under the cover of adults and family members who stand nearby when the incidents take place,” said the police.

Although the boy was not summoned by the police, his father brought the child with him to the police station for his own questioning in order to stir up media presence.

Despite the fictitious nature of this story, both Palestinian media and anti-Zionist organizations such as IfNotNow have chosen to spread it.