Iran General Continues to Threaten Israel

Last week, the top Iranian General – Hossein Salami – said that his country has developed the “strategic capacity” to destroy Israel.

Speaking to the Islamic regime’s Tasnim news agency, the General said Iran has the experience and technological force necessary to expand its stealth capabilities, destructive capacity, and range of its missile force. He also remarked that it hasn't done so only because of “strategic considerations.”

In the recording of the interview released by MEMRI TV, Salami said that the Iranian technological ability would be used on Israel if there is a future confrontation with the Jewish state. Salami said:

"If Israel makes a mistake that sparks a new war, they can rest assured that this will bring about their elimination… They will be annihilated before the Americans get here. They should look for cemeteries outside of occupied Palestine."

The comments come amid growing tension between the IDF and the Islamic Revolutionary Guard particularly in Syria.