Israeli Organization Helps Puerto Rico Rebuild after Hurricane

Israel humanitarian organization IsraAID is working hard to help Puerto Rico get back on its feet.

Hurricane Maria struck the island in 2017 and was the most powerful storm to hit a US territory in almost a century. Torrential rain, smashed trees, and winds over 170 MPH all contributed to the destruction of thousands of homes and a terribly damaged electric grid. In total, Hurrican Maria is thought to have caused roughly $90 billion dollars in damage, destroying over 230,000 homes, 90% of the country's agriculture, and many of the Island's clean water sources.

Within seven days, IsraAID arrived in Puerto Rico and has been there ever since. The Israeli organization provided safe water, food and other essential relief items, medical care, mental health support, and is helping with rebuilding some vital structures. 

“The process takes time but it’s worth it,” IsraAID CEO YotamPolizer said.

“As IsraAID’s goal for an affected area changes from direct relief to capacity building, we identify and work with local groups, religious groups, and local NGOs. The idea is to provide them with the tools they need to support themselves.”