Jordanian TV Host: Palestine Is Not Big Enough For Two Peoples

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Photo Credit: MEMRI / Dr. Ahmad Shahrouri speaks against Israel and Jews

Dr. Ahmad Shahrouri, a professor of Shariah law at Al-Zaytoonah University, decried that it is “either us or them,” in a televised speech to Muslim viewers.

In his statements on Jordanian television station Yarmouk TV he dismissed any Jewish claims to the historic land of Israel, as meerly “the fact that the Jews passed through Palestine for 70 years during those 7,000 years is absolutely meaningless.” His statement plays on classic antisemitic tropes depicting the Jews as invaders all over the world, “predisposed to hostility” and akin to vermin.

In the comments translated by the Middle East Media Research Institute, he further emphasized that although he claims he doesn’t have a problem with people of other religions, he “wants to smash the head” of anybody who supports Jerusalem’s connection to the State of Israel.

Additionally, he blamed Zionists for the deaths of the prophets, and labeled anybody in support of an Israeli-Palestinian peace process a “loser.” In the end, he emphasized to his audience that “you must believe the Jews are your enemies,” and if you don’t agree, “go join the Jews. Go!”

Dr. Shahrouri’s comments add him to the long list of figures on Arab media that have pummeled Israel with biased reporting and the preponderance of conspiracy theories, including Sesame Street as a Jewish plot, ISIS was created by the Mossad, and Israel developing the Ebola virus.