Lebanese Taekwondo Competitor Withdraws from Tournament to Avoid Israeli Opponent

Photo: Lebanese competitor Ezz Eddin Faraj / A youth Taekwondo competitor from Lebanon withdrew from a tournament in Cyprus instead of facing an Israeli competitor

A young Lebanese Taekwondo competitor, Ezzeddine Faraj, withdrew from a tournament in Cyprus last weekend so he would not face an Israeli opponent. Now he is being honored by the Palestinian and Arab media.

According to media sources the Palestinian Foundation for Youth and Sports in Lebanon “thanked the Lebanese competitor and president of the delegation” for their “athletic resistance.” In the past years various Arab and Muslim athletes have boycotted different sports competitions with Israelis or refused to compete against Israelis for similar.

Mr. Faraj’s boycott was even welcomed back home where he was presented as a role model to younger generations. Yet, instead of serving as an example of how Israeli and Lebanese athletes can compete against each other as neighbors and promote messages of peace, support for Faraj’s boycott only promotes more hatred amongst the Palestinian and Arab youth towards Israel.

Sports are supposed to bring people together - both athletes representing their countries and fans. By allowing athletes to boycott opponent from specific countries based on their nationality is completely counter-protective and promote anti-sport values.

Credit for story lead: Elder of Ziyon -  http://bit.ly/2TrH7Xq