Remembering Charles Krauthammer

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons / Charles Krauthammer passed away at 68, he was a pulitzer prize winner and a political pundit.

Jewish political pundit and Pulitzer Prize winner Charles Krauthammer passed away on Thursday night at the age of 68 following a public battle with abdomen cancer.

Krauthammer was a thinker in every sense of the word, and a journalist who challenged individuals around him by encouraging honesty and rational thought among others.

Krauthammer was a proud Zionist and a dedicated thinker committed to seeing democracy flourish around the world. He made his voice heard on as many platforms as possible, and was admired for his strong moral standards and dedication to truth, especially when it came to elucidating what exactly was happening between the Israelis and Palestinians.

Take for example his article in the Washington Post written in July of 2014 titled “Moral clarity in Gaza.” The article highlights the conflict of Operation Protective Edge where was attacked by over 900 rockets sent by Hamas. Krauthammer concludes his article with:

“It’s to the Israelis’ credit that amid all this madness they haven’t lost their moral scruples... Rarely has it been so blindingly clear.”

Krauthammer was an ardent supporter of Israeli military standards and its moral policies for years, but he was always willing to criticize what he disagreed with and asked pointed questions about Israel’s policies. At the end of the day he sought to provide a constructive relationship based on a better dialogue and understanding between American Jews and Israel.

He was committed to justice, and he cared about making all his readers fully understand the position of Israeli political thought in the most simple and eloquent way; proudly advocating for morality in the face of uncertainty.

This is exemplified in the Goldstone report published by Richard Goldstone in 2009 criticizing and accusing Israel of “war crimes,” because of its involvement and defense during the 2008-2009 Gaza war. 5 years after this report was published Goldstone retracted his statements and admitted his falsehood in vilifying Israel during this war.

Krauthammer called to attention Goldstone’s incompetency and libels painted against Israel . Claiming, “This ranks with that because it delegitimizes Israel as a war crimes state and once it’s delegitimized, it legitimizes all those who want to destroy Israel. He should spend the rest of his life undoing the damage. In discussions with “The Daily Caller.”

For many he was a patient and comprehensive teacher. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu mourned Krauthammer’s passing and referred to him as his brother.

Krauthammer was a respected journalist among Jewish communities because he always held Israel to a high standard and drew attention to the ethical standards of the Israeli democracy.

The Jewish community mourns Charles Krauthammer’s passing with a heavy heart.