Jewish Bikers Hit Road to Raise Money for Holocaust Survivors

Photo Credit: Twitter / Shul Boys, a member of the Jewish Motorcyclists Alliance, organized a ride for Holocaust survivors this year

Over 300 Jewish bikers road across Ohio with Israeli flags attached to their motorcycles in support of Holocaust Survivors and their memory.

“Ride to Remember” is an annual event to remember the Holocaust and inspire tolerance by the Jewish Motorcyclists Alliance - an umbrella organization for Jewish motorcycle clubs.

This year the event was hosted by the “Shul Boys” a local Ohio chapter of the alliance. The event was organized to raise funds for the Maltz Museum of Jewish Heritage outside of Cleveland and it’s Survivor Memory Project – a campaign to preserve the experiences of survivors.

“The main thing is the ride to remember the Holocaust, support of the Maltz Museum and support of the (Survivor Memory Project), that’s our main goal,” said Ian Abrams, Shul Boys president and Orange resident.

The bikers’ goal was to share their interests for Judaism, riding motorcycles, and to raise money for Holocaust awareness. The Shul Boys also hosted a Shabbat dinner and held guided tours across Ohio over the weekend.

The Survivor Memory Project aims to create interactive biographies of Holocaust survivors that soon will become holograms. It will be part of the University of Southern California Shoah Foundation New Dimensions in Testimony.

15 Holocaust survivors participated in an initial round of survivor biographies where they were asked hundreds of questions and filmed with 100 cameras.

Ken Liffman, chair of the Survivor Memory Project, said the bikers’ benefit to the project was a “wonderful surprise.” Moreover the project, among the other interactive survivor biographies worldwide, is key to the future of Holocaust education.

“We are doing it for a reason – we say, ‘This is a real person, these are real memories of that person, this is what really happened,’” Liffman said.