A Weekly Update On Jewish News Through Tweets

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Photo Credit: Shahar Azran / The World Jewish Congress participated in the 2019 Israel Day Parade in New York

Antisemitism continues to be an issue for the Jews in Europe. Just this past week, a holocaust remembrance exhibit on the streets of Vienna was vandalized, with the cutting and slashing of the portraits. 

Hardships can often bring people together, and a group of Catholic, Jewish and Muslim youth came together to show their support for the Jews and helped reconstruct the portraits.

This past Friday Al Quds day marches also took place in Berlin and London. These marches were filled with antisemitic and anti-Zionist speech. With the waving of Hezbollah flags and the burning of American and Israeli flags, these marches can often get dangerous. Jews and pro-Israel community members, however, came out to counter protest the marches and to show their support for Israel.

On Sunday, tens of thousands of people came together to celebrate, support and show their love for Israel on fifth avenue. The people of New York City were #TogetherOnFifth.

Israel exposed the 6th Hezbollah tunnel, jeopardizing Israeli citizens:

Holocaust survivor portraits vandalized in Vienna:

Al Quds marches in Berlin and London:

Stabbing attack in Jerusalem's Old City:

Israeli Day Parade in New York, more than 50,000 people celebrated in the streets:

Riots because Jews were allowed on Temple Mount:

Anti-Semitism in Europe: