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Nechama rivlin
This past week, Nechama Rivlin passes away at age 73. (credit - @michaeldickson)

This past week many antisemitic incidents occurred throughout the world. Vandalism, assaults and fire kites continue to plague the Jewish people worldwide. 

In France, the Statue of Liberty and the Crocodile Statue were vandalized with a swastika and other hateful language. Later that week, a Rabbi in Argentina was beaten by three men as they shouted antisemitic slurs at him. 

As Antisemitism is on the rise, it is even more important to advocate for Holocaust education in schools, in order to really spread awareness and understanding of the Holocaust. This past week, Oregon was the 11th state in the U.S. to pass the requirement of public schools to teach about the Holocaust, and hopefully it won't be the last. 

Oregon is the 11th State to Require Schools to Teach Holocaust Education 

Israel’s Border with Gaza Attacked with Fire Kites this Weekend, Destroying Several Forests and Fields

Monuments in Poiters, France Desecrated with Antisemitic Graffiti 

Rabbi Shlomo in Argentina beaten by three men as they shouted antisemitic insults

Nechama Rivlin, wife of President Rivlin, passed away 

 We hope everyone celebrating had a happy Shavout with lots of cheesecake!

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