EXCLUSIVE: Inside Hezbollah Terror Tunnel on Israel/Lebanon Border

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Photo Credit: IDF / Israel is set to demolish the 6th and largest tunnel built by Hezbollah, stretching from Lebanon into Israel.

The Lebanese terrorist organization Hezbollah has repeatedly built tunnels that attempt to breach the border with Israel and endanger Israeli civilians. In response to that, at the end of 2018, Israel launched operation “Northern Shield” in an effort to locate and destroy these Hezbollah tunnels.

In early January as a part of operation “Northern Shield”, the IDF found the sixth and largest Hezbollah tunnel, stretching from southern Lebanon into Israel. The tunnel was 80 meters deep and 1 kilometer long, making it one of the largest the IDF has found.

Disconcertingly, the tunnel is extremely advanced compared to the other five tunnels found by the IDF - the tunnel contained an advanced electrical and intercom system, a ventilation system and even contained a rail road system to transport terrorist equipment. The tunnel appeared to have been built over the last 12 years and Israel estimates that it cost Hezbollah millions of dollars to build.

Photo Credit: IDF

These tunnels pose a constant danger to civilians as they are designed to act as a pathway for trained Hezbollah fighters to infiltrate into Israel in the wake of a potential war. If left undetected, many Hezbollah terrorists would have been able to enter Israel, endangering countless Israeli lives. 

Although the tunnel was found in January, the IDF held off from destroying it to learn more about Hezbollah’s military plans and capabilities. The IDF confirmed that tunnel had Arabic writing on the wall in Arabic about the diggers along with other confidential information. On May 29, 2019, however, the IDF announced that they will be completely sealing and destroying the tunnel, since they uncovered the information they were looking for.

Photo Credit: IDF

Due to these findings, the IDF has increased security in the north and is further preparing for any potential threats that Hezbollah poses to Israel.