Hamas Fighters Tortured 13-year old Because He Fought With Hamas Leader's Son

Hamas fighters tortured 13-year old, because he fought with the son of a Hamas military leader.

In a rare broadcast on Palestinian Authority TV, a thirteen-year-old Palestinian boy described a beating he endured by six Hamas fighters. The reason; he fought with the son of a commander of the terror group’s military wing.

The young boy, who goes by the name Adham Abu Anzah, was taken by Hamas representatives and then placed in a room in a mosque where they repeatedly hit him with whip and belts and even broke. When one fighter would tire, another one would jump in.

The boy’s father stated that the attackers are known to the family, adding that this is how Hamas treats anyone who voices criticism to their violent regime.

Luckily, Adham only suffered a broken finger in the attack, but the psychological toll is much greater.

Muhammad Adham cries as he shows his bandaged hand to the camera.