Israel’s Border with Gaza Attacked with Fire Kites this Weekend

Hamas fire kites

This weekend, Hamas launched incendiary devices from Gaza into Israel forcing families to evacuate. 

In 2018, over 8,000 acres in southern Israel were burned when similar devices menaced Israeli communities during ‘March of Return’ protests. This is yet another continuation of Hamas exporting terror across the border. 

Due to the most recent fires instigated from Gaza, ten families have made the decision to move away from their homes close to the border and more families could follow suit. These most recent fires highlight the peril of living in striking distance from Gaza and show that Hamas is willing to target civilians indiscriminately.

These kites along with other things thrown over the border have caused over 2,000 separate fires resulting in over 8,000 acres being burnt. According to the IDF, this has included over 3,000 acres of nature reserves, and over 2,500 acres of forest.

 Last month, there was an extreme amount from Gaza, when over 700 rockets fired at Israeli citizens were fired by Hamas and the Islamic Jihad. forcing people to stay near to a bomb shelter at all times. As more Israeli fields were set ablaze, this renewed round of terror marks a sinister continuation of the conflict. 

We urge everyone to acknowledge these acts of terror that are forcing Israeli civilians to move out of their homes. These fires are not only dangerous to the men, women and children living in these southern communities but destroys the land and harvest that has taken so long to grow. 

This terrorism is happening in the backyards of Southern Israel’s civilians, when will this terror be acknowledged by the international community.