Terror Parade in Gaza Encourages Palestinian Kids to Become Martyrs

Source: Elder of Ziyon / Terror Groups in Gaza Encourage Kids to Become Martyrs

This month, the Islamic Jihad held a parade in Gaza City calling on thousands of Gazans to join and bring their children.

Stories don’t surface in the media nearly enough about Palestinian children being indoctrinated into a culture of terror and violence. In these pictures you can see that terror is taught to children from a young age. While kids in other cultures are learning to read, write, and play sports, kids in Gaza are brainwashed to become martyrs.

Inciting children to join the military wings of Hamas and Islamic Jihad in Gaza is a carefully orchestrated political strategy by the two terror groups. By exposing young children to violent ideology terror groups at an early age, kids become biased towards hating Israel, often before they even graduate elementary school.

First released by: http://elderofziyon.blogspot.com/ (source)