New Report Claims 80% Killed in Gaza’s March of Return Were Linked to Terror Organizations

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Photo Credit: Shehab News Agency / Hamas Members Carry a Protester Wounded While Rioting on Israel-Gaza Border

Last week, the Meir Amit Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center released an analysis of all the people killed during clashes between the IDF and Palestinians in the “Great Return March” recently orchestrated by Hamas who rules the Gaza Strip.

The violence began on March 20, 2018 and led to the deaths of between 32-34 Palestinians as reported by Hamas’ Ministry of Health in Gaza. According to the initial ITIC analysis, about 80% of those killed were identified as terrorist operatives affiliated with Hamas and other terrorist organizations in Gaza.

Most of the Palestinians were killed while rioting against IDF forces on the border fence between Gaza and Israel. The riots on the border led to serious violence even though they had been billed as peaceful by Palestinian leadership.  Many of the rioters attempted to infiltrate Israel, burn tires, throw Molotov cocktails, rocks, and more. Others were killed while trying to carry out terrorist attacks including attempting to cross the border in order to place explosive devices within Israel.

The recent report by the ITIC proves that the “Great March of Return” was organized by Hamas terrorists and not a civilian led protest. Hamas even offered Gazans money to participate in the demonstrations. Weeks ago, a Hamas spokesperson announced that each family would receive $3000 for any family member killed and those seriously wounded would receive $500 if someone was wounded while rioting against Israel. Raf Sanchez, a journalist for The Telegraph based in Gaza, reported that Gazans cashed checks of $200 from Hamas after being shot in the violent demonstrations.

The full report analyzing the victims is available here: