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Last year, Hamas launched a campaign called the Great March of Return, a supposedly "peaceful" protest against Israel. It's anything but:

⚫ 2,000 violent incidents
⚫ 694 explosives devices
⚫ 9,000 acres of burned
⚫ 1,323 rockets fired into Israel

It is not a peaceful demonstration. Stay informed before they march again tomorrow.

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In the past day, Hamas terrorists have fired over 400 rockets at southern Israel, in a deliberate attempt to terrify residents and inflict maximum damage. So far over 60 innocent Israelis have been injured and one person was killed. These cowardly acts of terror must stop immediately. Read more:

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Every year Iran transfers $100 million to Hamas and Islamic Jihad, the two main Palestinian factions in the Gaza Strip. The money is divided as follows: $70 million is transferred to Hamas, while Islamic Jihad gets $30 million. The majority of these funds are used by the two organizations to further bolster the military wings of the terrorist organizations, instead of aiding the civilian population in the Gaza Strip. Read more:

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On September 16, a Palestinian stabbed Ari Fuld, a dual US-Israel citizen and father of four. Fuld heroically pursued his assailant after he had been stabbed, shooting the terrorist before finally succumbing to his wounds. But now while Fuld's family mourns their husband, father, brother, and son, the terrorist's family will be paid more than 1,400 NIS/Month as a reward for the murder.  Read more:

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Israeli security services documented 255 attacks during the month of July in 2018, including 11 in Jerusalem, Shin Bet said in its monthly report. The number of terrorist attacks targeting Israelis in July increased by 15 percent over June where was 220 terror incidents were recorded. Read more:

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On May 26th, Israeli Sergeant Ronen Lubarsky was killed during an operation. His attacker, Islam Abu Hmeid, is the fifth of the Abu Hmeid family to be imprisoned for inciting terror. While Lubarsky’s family mourns their son’s death, the Abu Hmeid family continues to receive monthly payments from the PA. So far the family has received more than 1 million in terror payments.
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In 2018, 289 rockets were shot into Israel from the Gaza Strip. At any given moment in southern Israel, you only have 15 seconds to find cover from rockets launched by Hamas. This leaves a very harsh reality for Israeli citizens and their families as they must prepare to run for cover at all times.
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On 6/19/2018, while Israeli families were sleeping, over 45 rockets were fired from Gaza toward Israel. The barrage of rockets caused over 200,000 civilians to seek shelter and came after Israel struck Hamas infrastructure in the Gaza Strip.
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Israeli intelligence has thwarted over 250 terror attacks from January to June 2018 according to a new report by Shin Bet. Shin Bet Director Nadav Argaman said that the agency had succeeded in blocking many serious terror attacks including kidnappings, suicide bombings, and shootings.
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Hamas has many different types of rockets in its terror arsenal. These weapons vary from short-range homemade rockets to longer-range weapons that can reach beyond Tel Aviv from Gaza. Hamas must be stopped.
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On July 21, 2017, Yosef, Chaya and Elad Solomon were murdered in cold blood by Omar Abu Jalal while celebrating a Shalom Zachor. To date, this terrorist has received approximately $3,374 (USD) in compensation for his heinous acts and is destined to receive $3.3 million (USD) in terrorist payments by the time he is 80 years old -- unless something is done.
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April 27th, 2018 marks the fifth week of Hamas' Great Return March in Gaza. This week, the terror group has sent Gazans with Molotov cocktails to attack Israel and bolt cutters to breach the border fence. Here is a picture from today’s demonstration.
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Palestinian Authority Payments to Terrorists
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2017 Summary of Cynical Use of Children by the Palestinian Propaganda Machine
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The last 10 years of Hamas control of Gaza
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While Israelis mourn the death of three innocent Israelis killed in last night's brutal massacre, Palestinians in Gaza took to the streets to celebrate. The Palestinian leadership has refused to condemn the attack and continues to incite even more violence.
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Hamas's tunnel network is running right under its civilians' feet
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In November 2017, IDF forces discovered a gun and ammunition stuffed inside a child's toy in the village of Shuweika, Judea and Samaria - and this isn't the first time. Children aren’t born terrorists. They learn from their surroundings. Why take away the innocence of their childhood?
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This year, 17 innocent people were murdered in Israel during senseless car rammings, stabbings, shootings, and other acts of terror. These 17 innocent victims leave behind grieving children, spouses, parents, siblings, friends, and relatives. Today, we encourage everyone to honor their memory and never forget.
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45 years ago today, the joyous Olympic Games erupted in unprecedented tragedy. Palestinian terrorists broke into the Israeli team's quarters, instantly killing 2 and keeping another nine in brutal hostage. 18 hours later, the bloodbath came to an end. 11 Israelis were massacred, along with a German police officer. May their memories be a blessing and the horrors forever be remembered.
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What would YOU do with $1.1 billion? The Palestinian Authority's spending priorities are shocking. Find out why.