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Last year, Hamas launched a campaign called the Great March of Return, a supposedly "peaceful" protest against Israel. It's anything but:

⚫ 2,000 violent incidents
⚫ 694 explosives devices
⚫ 9,000 acres of burned
⚫ 1,323 rockets fired into Israel

It is not a peaceful demonstration. Stay informed before they march again tomorrow.

Flickr   israel defense forces   children in town under fire by rockets from gaza  2
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In 2018, 289 rockets were shot into Israel from the Gaza Strip. At any given moment in southern Israel, you only have 15 seconds to find cover from rockets launched by Hamas. This leaves a very harsh reality for Israeli citizens and their families as they must prepare to run for cover at all times.
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2017 Summary of Cynical Use of Children by the Palestinian Propaganda Machine
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The last 10 years of Hamas control of Gaza
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This year, 17 innocent people were murdered in Israel during senseless car rammings, stabbings, shootings, and other acts of terror. These 17 innocent victims leave behind grieving children, spouses, parents, siblings, friends, and relatives. Today, we encourage everyone to honor their memory and never forget.
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45 years ago today, the joyous Olympic Games erupted in unprecedented tragedy. Palestinian terrorists broke into the Israeli team's quarters, instantly killing 2 and keeping another nine in brutal hostage. 18 hours later, the bloodbath came to an end. 11 Israelis were massacred, along with a German police officer. May their memories be a blessing and the horrors forever be remembered.
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What would YOU do with $1.1 billion? The Palestinian Authority's spending priorities are shocking. Find out why.