7 Facts About the Neo-Nazi Nordic Resistance Movement

The Nordic Resistance is a Neo-Nazi movement which has terrorized minority communities across Sweden and Scandinavia. These are the 7 Facts you need to know about this racist group:

1. Last year, NRM members assaulted two pro-Israel activists in Sweden.

2. In 2015, NRM members attacked refugees with firebombs, critically injuring one person. 

3. At a 2016 rally, several NRM members beat a man to death who confronted the group . 

4. The NRM praised an attack on refugee children by a mob of Swedish nationalists. 

5. In 2017, The NRM held a militant march on Yom Kippur to instill fear in the Jewish community. 

6. An NRM member was arrested for bombing a cafe in Gothenburg. 

7. NRM members detonated bombs outside a refugee center in the same city.

Join us in our call for the Swedish government to ban this hateful group. Sign the petition: https://www.change.org/p/swedish-government-the-time-has-come-for-the-swedish-government-to-outlaw-the-nordic-resistance-movement