Over 50 years ago, Israel Decisively Won the Six Day War

In the 1960’s, tensions ran high in the Sinai between Israel and Egypt. With Israel dependent on the Straits of Tiran for its oil, Egypt closed the Straits in May of 1967. Thus, they broke the 1949 Armistice agreement signed after Israel’s War for Independence. While Egypt amassed troops on its border, Israel launched a preemptive strike against Egypt in June of 1967. Caught by surprise, most Egyptian aircraft were destroyed, and Israel seized the Sinai as the Egyptians retreated. Soon, Syria and Jordan joined in the fight against Israel. Over the span of six days, the Israelis fought opposing armies in every direction. Eventually they pushed Jordan out of the West Bank and Syria out of the Golan Heights. For the first time in two thousand years Jerusalem was reunited under a Jewish State. The Six Day War demarcated Israel as a Jewish State in the Middle East which would not waver.